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Each one of us can help Waterford get back on its feet. Step by step, brick by brick, we can build up our community again to where it was before the pandemic – a place of pride, amazing people and fantastic shopping throughout the city and county. Together Waterford is stronger!

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Art & Culture

Immerse yourself in art, science, history and pop culture in Waterford. Enjoy live bands, street entertainment, lots of year round festivals plus some great art gallery’s around town.


Visit some of Waterford’s top attractions to get a real sense of the history of this medieval city.

Bars & Pubs

Fancy a pint or a nice glass of wine? Well, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of pubs, specialised gin, whiskey and wine bars, most with cocktail menus on hand.


Looking for your caffeine fix? If you’re after great tasting home-grown cafes that serve the perfect blend, then you’ve come to the right place.

For Kids

Year round activities for kids, rain or shine! Find out what’s on for kids, keep them happy and entertained all year round.


It’s not called the sunny south east for nothing. Waterford has it all, from spectacular beaches and it’s coastline to mountains and its very own greenway.


Get your tastebuds going! Try out some of Waterford’s great eateries that serve food from every corner of the globe.


Discover lots of great shops and boutiques. Enjoy a day out shopping downtown where everything is within your reach.

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