Visit some of Waterford’s top attractions to get a real sense of the history of this medieval city. From Reginalds Tower and Christ Church Cathedral, to the pretty fishing village of Dunmore East and the Copper Coast Geopark, a little something special for everyone to experience when they come. Get ready to be impressed.

Axe Junkies

“Life is short. Throw an axe” -Axe Junkie. What a great way to let off some steam and aim right at the bullseye – don’t tell us who you’re thinking of. One of the most exciting, unique activities you’ll do, backed by great music and nibbles for you hungry axe throwers! A bit like darts with an axe? There’s only one way to find out.

Hawkeye Falconery

Discover the Ancient Sport of Kings. Get up close and personal with ancient birds of prey. Now’s your chance to fly, handle, feed and interact with trained hawks and owls. Wear gloves.

St. Declans Way, Ardmore

Ardmore is one of those great family-friendly places along the coast. Admire the beautiful views while exploring the heritage site of St Declan’s Way. With lots of ancient monuments to see, they’ll get plenty of stimulation and exercise too. Happy kids, happy family.

Glenshelane Woods

Easy does it! Glenshelane Woods has four different marked trails but if you’re looking for a walk suitable for all ages, then The Blue Trail is the one to do. It takes 45 mins and is a nice, looped flat walk by the river and through the woods. Picturesque and magical.

Mahon Falls

If you’re craving a walk in wide-open spaces, then we have just the perfect spot for you! But before you get to the car park, drive the magic road and watch the kids faces when the car rolls back up the hill. Afterwards, park the car and let the kids run free towards Mahon Falls. Don’t forget to count the sheep up high on the slopes too.

Fenor Bog

Just 5 km from Tramore, Fenor Bog is the perfect place to bring kids. It’s overlooked by Ballyscanlon Woods and has over 200 species of plant, bird, insect and animal – pretty impressive! Located within The Copper Coast Geopark, it’s a must-do easy walk at any time of the week with kids.

Dunmore Cliff Walk

This is a perfect family walk for the weekend. It goes from Dunhill to Annestown and back, with plenty to see along the way – spot the swans, dragonflies, butterflies and fairy doors.
Made for kids.

Ballysaggartmore Towers Loop Trail

This is a very nice, short looped walk through beautiful woodland and just the right length with young kids. The gothic, Ballysaggartmore Towers are perfect for photo snaps. Plenty of picnic areas too. A real gem in Lismore, Co. Waterford.

Cruachan walking trail

This 3-hour walk gives you the chance to really settle in. View Dungarvan town and Helvick Head from the summit – best on a clear day where you can see for miles. A great walk to do in the Autumn too. Explore the trail that takes you on rugged paths, through forest and on calm country roads.

Fauscoum Mountain walk

Fauscoum, a.k.a. Kilclooney Mountain is the highest mountain (792 mts. tall) of the Comeragh Mountains and one to put on your to-do list. It’s known for its sensational views, can be a bit muddy, and is suitable for the more seasoned walker.

Nire Valley – Sgilloges walk

The Nire Valley is one of those places where you can be at one with nature and the local wildlife. The Sgilloges walk is a moderate walk at just over 7 km and takes just under 2 hours. Look out for red squirrels, otters and sparrow hawks – just some of the wild animals you can see on this walk. Starts at Ballymacarbry and finishes at the Nire Valley car park.


Coumshingaun Lake loop

This 7.2km looped walk is well worth the trek to Ireland’s oldest glacial lake right here in Co. Waterford. Its views from the top are amazing plus the walk itself is thoroughly enjoyable and promises to give your legs a proper workout. Wear decent shoes and the advice is to walk clockwise…walk starts and ends at Kilcooney Woods.