Hawkeye Falconery

Discover the Ancient Sport of Kings. Get up close and personal with ancient birds of prey. Now’s your chance to fly, handle, feed and interact with trained hawks and owls. Wear gloves.

Hawkeye Falconery Reviews

  • Absolutely awesome experience. Still amazed by what we got to experience here. These birds of prey fly all around in the big beautiful open field and land directly on your glove. This is an up close experience! Do not do if you are afraid of birds. But if intrigued by falconry and/or just looking for a unique experience, this is amazing. John was incredibly informative and nice, and you can tell he has a real passion for what he does. He and Carolyn who run the place really seem to love these birds. Introduces them all to you by their names! It was pretty pricey but overall very well worth it. We did the private family experience and it lasted about 1-1.5 hours.

    Kevin McCabe a month ago
  • This is a once I. A lifetime experience that should not be missed. John and his partner Caroline give these incredible creatures great card and attention while sharing their enthusiasm for this age old sport with novices like us. There is nothing quite like having a large bird of prey glide gracefully to your hand and look you in the eye.

    Señora Señora 2 months ago
  • My fiancé and I took a private hawk walk and I can’t recommend it enough. We got to see and hold Turbo the owl and walk around with Frankie the Hawk as he flew around and us and landed on our gloves numerous times. Our guide, John, was very nice, knowledgeable, and very accommodating for pictures and videos with the birds.

    Christian Hoffman 2 weeks ago
  • Absolutely brilliant. From age young to nearly 80 and we all loved it. Right in the Lyrath grounds so really easy to get too. They love their birds and we were like children again. So much fun.

    Sine Dunne 3 months ago
  • This is absolutely a must see and experience to go to. Your age does not matter, from child to old, your heart will soar almost as high as these amazing birds of prey do. My fiance and I experienced the private Eagle walk, where we met the owlet Turbo (super photogenic!), walked a lap around the field with a hawk, having Bertie fly from tree to our gloved hand many times, to eat the morsel of meat from our glove. We got fantastic footage of long direct flights towards us, and also walked with him on our hand a bit. I cannot express enough how much this meant to me, and it met every hope and dream that I had for this experience.

    Sean L a month ago


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County Kilkenny Ireland,
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