Mahon Falls

If you’re craving a walk in wide-open spaces, then we have just the perfect spot for you! But before you get to the car park, drive the magic road and watch the kids faces when the car rolls back up the hill. Afterwards, park the car and let the kids run free towards Mahon Falls. Don’t forget to count the sheep up high on the slopes too.

Mahon Falls Reviews

  • Gorgeous place for a day out. Stunning views..carparks right nearby and a lovely cafe nearby also with spotless toilet facilities. The magic road is also here it didn't really work for us but we had fun visiting this area

    Ciara Ward 3 weeks ago
  • Beautiful place to visit and hike. There is something for everyone as you can walk to the falls in 20 minutes or climb the falls and venture into the Neir valley

    Ger O Connor a month ago
  • Always when I have a chance I pass by to charge my energy with Mother Earth 🌍, nice place to feeling the natural. Now on the road closer to the waterfall have two coffeeshops with local farmers supplies.

    Alexsandro Monteiro 3 weeks ago
  • An absolutely epic place in south Ireland. We parked at the car park and meandered up the peak, around the falls, and back down the other side with the sheep. Not very clearly marked trails, but highly recommend for the views. Will definitely be back.

    Kevin McCabe 3 months ago
  • Brilliant lovely gentle walk, and it is possible to climb up the side of the falls for the more adventurous souls.

    Lorcan Murphy a month ago


4.8 stars - based on 1254 reviews
Comeragh County Waterford, Ireland

Opening Hours:

Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
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Sunday: Open 24 hours
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