Ballysaggartmore Towers Loop Trail

This is a very nice, short looped walk through beautiful woodland and just the right length with young kids. The gothic, Ballysaggartmore Towers are perfect for photo snaps. Plenty of picnic areas too. A real gem in Lismore, Co. Waterford.

Ballysaggartmore Towers Loop Trail Reviews

  • Really enjoyed this spot. Perfect for pictures and a pleasant breath of fresh air in the woods. Compared to the “lodges” on the other side of the woods, this structure has running water through it coming from a small waterfall within site of the towers. This is free to park and walk to. There are signs, but the easier path from the car park is probably to go left, which will bring you to the towers first, then beyond to the lodges gate, then down a hill back to the car park. You could probably do the whole walk in about 20 mins if you didn’t stop to look around. This is a beautiful walk with or without these structures, but they add something special to it.

    Kevin McCabe 4 months ago
  • Gorgeous trail that leads you to 2 structures. Start your journey on the LEFT. The hill on the right side of the trail is steep and is easier to go down instead of up!

    Debora Figueiredo 7 months ago
  • Fairytale like place in the forest with hidden gems. Nice short walk. Can get muddy when rainy but suitable for all ages.

    SVP a year ago
  • What a wonderful place! Nice walk through the forest with this beautiful towers and lodge 😍

    Míriam Santos 11 months ago
  • Get here early if you are going during winter. The light fades very quickly. Beautiful peaceful walk to the towers. Very relaxing. I'll be back in the summer with a picnic

    Philip Downey a month ago
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