Ballysaggartmore Towers Loop Trail

This is a very nice, short looped walk through beautiful woodland and just the right length with young kids. The gothic, Ballysaggartmore Towers are perfect for photo snaps. Plenty of picnic areas too. A real gem in Lismore, Co. Waterford.

Ballysaggartmore Towers Loop Trail Reviews


  • Beautiful place, beautiful towers, but we realised we haven’t seen them all... after we left... so, we have to go back some day. For whoever goes over, do the whole loop!

    Loredana Irina Moata 4 months ago
  • One of my favourite places in Ireland! Beautiful nature and towers with dark history.

    Marija Koporcic 2 months ago
  • Small trail to get here.. nothing hard! Magical place!

    Paula Fernandes a month ago
  • Wonderful to see and a lovely looped woodland walk as well.

    Michael Howard a month ago
  • Amazing place. Google maps showed wrong road, but we found the right one using different navigation.

    Aiste B. 3 months ago


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4.9 stars - based on 49 reviews
Barranamanoge Ireland,
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