Ballysaggartmore Towers Loop Trail

This is a very nice, short looped walk through beautiful woodland and just the right length with young kids. The gothic, Ballysaggartmore Towers are perfect for photo snaps. Plenty of picnic areas too. A real gem in Lismore, Co. Waterford.

Ballysaggartmore Towers Loop Trail Reviews

  • Definitely one of my favourite places in Ireland. As a non Irish person living in Ireland I like to explore also the not famous nature spots and this one is stunning! It's a lovely walk in the woods ( boots are recommended) that u can do with dogs or kids as well. There are also amazing waterfall that you can reach easily

    Isabella Salvia 4 months ago
  • Really is an amazing place to see, your really need to see it for yourselves.

    Mark Porter 3 months ago
  • What a wonderful place! Nice walk through the forest with this beautiful towers and lodge 😍

    Míriam Santos a month ago
  • A pleasant and relaxing place perfect for a walk in nature.

    Costel Maricuta 2 months ago
  • Fab short trail walk suitable for the very young and old..

    Michelle Starlight 4 months ago


4.9 stars - based on 65 reviews
Barranamanoge Ireland,
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