Seamus Doyle – Trade Coffee Bar

Top class coffee served by Seamus at Trade Coffee. caught up with Seamus Doyle to ask him about all things Waterford. From his favourite movies to where he likes to relax and his go-to 3am food, check out our chat with Seamus, a guy full of character - just like his coffee!
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We really enjoyed chatting with Seamus Doyle, manager of Trade Coffee Bar and Barista School, 112 The Quay, Waterford. interviewed Seamus today about all sorts of things – from coffee to favourite guests to dine with (dead or alive), to the things he saw growing up in Waterford. Who would have thought that break dancing on old lino squares outside Dunnes Stores was a thing back in the day?!

Read the interview below and get to know some of Seamus’s favourite places to chill, what his pet peeves are and what’s the best advice he’s ever been given.

Make Haste Slowly

Seamus Doyle – Trade Coffee Bar

Just some of the things we talked about with this uber-cool guy serving up some of the best artisan coffee in the town. Check out our chat below!

What is your favourite Waterford slang or phrase?
It’s hard to beat ‘Well!’ but I have to say ‘Cat Malojan’ is a winner!

Where do you like to go to relax in Waterford?
I kind of relax in peculiar ways. I can relax running up in the minaun or be out in the back garden listening to techno, or classical. The most relaxing thing for me was a summer like last summer, sitting on a beach at Killfarassy or going out to Garris after work and stopping off at Mother McHughs pub in Fenor. There were lots of iconic moments of that summer…

Name three people you would like to have dinner with – dead or alive.

  1. Moody Man – Detroit Soul Techno House Artist
  2. Craig Kelly – One of the first-ever Snowboarders
  3. My Grandfather

What are your pet peeves?
Forgetting stuff, my keys. So now I have only put my keys in the same pocket and it works. Hate being cut off on the bike, and not a big fan of inequality.

If you were a cup of coffee, what would taste like and where would you come from? Oh, that’s a good one actually! I’d say somewhere in Africa. Thinking of all the characteristics of coffee – acidic, bitter…hmm, I’d say some earthy, caffeine-fuelled acidic, independent coffee.

What’s your favourite movie?
Quadrophenia. It’s based on the Mods and soundtrack is by The Who. Bit of an epic.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Make haste slowly. Someone in Sydney many years ago said this to me. He was a Buddhist. There was definitely something in it.

What would your superhero power be?

Breakdancing. Years ago in Waterford, breakdancing was actually a thing in Waterford. There was a group of guys who wore Maleta two-tone tracksuits and spun around on a square of lino downtown outside Dunnes Stores. It was classic, and I was mesmerized. And it was a little scene in Waterford. Incredible really.

A song you like to dance to when nobody’s watching?
‘I was dancing in a lesbian bar’ by Jonathan Richman. It’s actually a great song with a great beat.

Which three records would you take with you to a desert island?

  1. The Stone Roses
  2. Underworld
  3. Gang Starr

Think of a gift you would get someone you dislike?
A signed photograph of myself, ha!

If you could travel back in time, where would you go back in time to?
Waterford 100 years ago. The chocolate used to come in on the ships in big sacks and left behind chocolate powder which the kids used to scoop up, mix it into a paste called chocolate crumb. Trade Coffee’s name is an old nod to the trade along the quay in Waterford around 1929.

Trade along Waterford Quays in the 1920’s

Quickfire round

Favourite food?
Asian Fusion

Beer or wine?
Beer, and spirits.

Beef or chicken?

Coffee or tea?

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