For Kids

Year round activities for kids, rain or shine! Find out what’s on for kids, keep them happy and entertained all year round. We have kid-friendly festivals, plenty of outdoor activities like surfing and pony riding. And if that’s not enough, why not take them biking on the Greenway and stop off at some of the great cafes along the way? Waterford will keep them busy, that’s for sure!

Lake Tour Stables

Ride a pony in Tramore TIME TO GRAB THE REINS Imagine gallop on the beach with the wind blowing in your hair and the salty

Anne Valley Walk

This is a perfect family walk for the weekend. It goes from Dunhill to Annestown and back, with plenty to see along the way – spot the swans, dragonflies, butterflies and fairy doors.
Made for kids.

Waterford Gymnastics Club Logo

Waterford Gymnastics Club

Providing a fun healthy alternative form of exercise for kids aged 4 – 16 years of age in the Waterford city area.

Place Dungarvan Town Park 01

Dungarvan Town Park

A lovely little park just off the beaten path right outside the city centre sporting gorgeous views of Dungarvan harbour on a sunny day!

Place Little Red Kettle Logo

Little Red Kettle

Little Red Kettle is a youth centered performance arts organisation that strives to be a positive force for creative, personal and social development.

Place The Great Escape Exterior

The Great Escape

This isn’t the time to panic. Stay calm and put your thinking cap on to solve your way out of being locked in a room with your team. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, then your great escape adventure is about to begin!