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Don’t let the cold November rain dampen your spirits just yet! Waterford.FYI has partnered up with local businesses to give you the chance to get your hands on some great prizes. Now that’s gotta cheer you up as life in lockdown is no picnic.

With our local shops, restaurants and other businesses having to close during Level 5 restrictions, we are running a competition with some FANTASTIC PRIZES to be won, thanks to Waterford retailers and of course, we will be throwing in a few ourselves.

A big shout out to these guys!

We’d like to thank all who donated prizes to our ‘Go on Waterford‘ competition. Check them out below. From vouchers, locally designed jewellery to premium whiskey and original Waterford prints, we’re pretty excited about the big giveaway!

From the HAPPY HUB

Wellbeing Reminders

reminder dress up for dinner

Dress up for dinner

Why make dinner just another mealtime when you can make it into something a whole lot more special? Buy the latest trends in clothing from

reminder get your caffeine

Get your caffeine fix

Make sure you get the right amount of it at the right time to keep the body going and the mind ticking. Waterford Cafés

reminder do 20 pushups

Do 20 pushups

Get from couch to fit. Keep this up everyday and you can get to 100 by the end of the lockdown.

reminder stage your own play

Stage your own play

Little theatre, give Netflix a chill and create your own mini blockbuster with your family.

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