The 13th Waterford Film Festival

Stories to make you laugh, cry and keep you on the edge of your seat!
Waterford Film Festival

Oh, what a treat you’re in for at this year’s film festival!

Central Arts will be hosting the event over three days, from Friday 22nd November to Sunday 24th November.

Last year, there were film submissions from over 30 countries across the globe and all vying for a winning entry right here in Waterford. The festival showcases short films from all genres including drama, thrillers, horrors, comedy, Sci-Fi, True stories.

“Fantastic festival. The selection of films are electric and well chosen providing a weekend of entertainment along with the opportunity to network.” – Dave Thomas

Created in 2007 by Stephen Byrne, a local filmmaker who wanted to bring something special to the people of Waterford, and that he did. The festival is growing in popularity every year and is currently the only film festival in Ireland that hosts a screenplay competition. Impressive, definitely something to shout about!

Films screening at this year’s festival

  • First Disco dir: Helen O’Reilly
  • Trap dir: Paul James
  • A Sense Of Joy dir: Roisin Jones
  • Stari Grad (Old Town) dir: Jack Beck
  • Stewsday dir: Jason Kennealy & Ken Geraghty
  • Darkroom dir: David Schell
  • An Lá a Thit an Condor dir:Niall Kenny
  • Forever dir: Morgan Ommer
  • Laid to Rest dir: Tiarnan O’Sullivan
  • Osuba dir: Federico Marsicano
  • Serpendipity dir: Carlos Mejia, Kevin Barwick
  • Day Out dir: Virginia Gilbert
  • I Stem The Tide dir: Faisal Al-Jadir
  • The Funeral Dancer dir: Natalie MacMahon
  • The Dressmaker dir: Olivia McLaughlin
  • An Peileadóir dir: Andrew O Leary
  • Mother dir: Natasha Waugh
  • Shadowland dir: Bellopropello
  • Caged dir: Mark Nugent
  • A White Horse dir: Shaun O Connor
  • Pet Man dir Marzieh Abrarpaydar
  • Quiet Carriage dir: Ben S. Hyland
  • Roake dir: Joan Cobos
  • a Mother dir: KEVIN DUFFY
  • In Orbit dir: Katie McNeice
  • Simple Things dir: Kagure Kabue
  • Love Her Bones dir: Ross Carey
  • Bad Fruit (The Unheard Voice of the Tuam Babies) dir: Teresa Lavina
  • Boy Racer dir: Barry Fahy
  • The Bird & the Whale dir: Carol Freeman
  • Willa dir: Corey Mayne
  • IN OUR SKIN dir: Rosa Beiroa
  • Lady Isobel & The Elf Knight dir: Cashell Horgan
  • Carry My Heart to the Yellow River dir: Alexis Van Hurkman
  • Low Tide dir: Ian Hunt Duffy
  • Silence (Ciúnas) dir: Tristan Heanue
  • Archie’s Bat dir: Shannon Egan
  • Lock & Key dir: Eamonn Hearns
  • Bright Eyed In The Mornin dir: Maria Fiorentini
  • A R E T H A dir: ; Dave Thomas
  • Dark Corners dir: Shane Boyle
  • SILECIO dir: Paphangkorn Punchantarak
  • The Vasectomy Doctor dir: Paul Webster
  • STURLING dir: Rodolfo Gusmeroli
  • My Mother’s Shoes dir: Mike Hayes
  • The Lament for Art O’Leary dir : Marcella O’Connor
  • The Inuring dir: James Hughes
  • Taobh le taobh dir: Kev L Smith
  • The Banshee dir: Donncha Gilmore
  • DÍOLTAS dir: John Foley
  • Long Overdue dir: Emmet O’Brien
  • Strong at the Broken Places dir: Anna Rodgers
  • Paradox – All Life Matters dir: Pete Mac
  • The Bridge dir: Mark Smyth

Screenplay Finalists for 2019

  • Freewheeling 2019 by Aisling Corristine
  • Grazia Mirza Ekinovic, by Zorana Radic
  • Shindig by Gearóid Horgan
  • Perchance to Dream by Scott Nelson
  • The Joys of Being a Ginger byDylan Stagno
  • Dream Merchants by Aimie Willemse
  • A Phantom Pain by Adam O’Byrne
  • Elsa byIsabelle Blanche
  • The Gift by Rachel Cunningham
  • The Sleeper by David Cowzer
  • Bubbles by Anna Merritt, Deborah Wiseman
  • A Rose In Summer by Jonathan Farrelly
  • Quiet Season byLochlann Dowd
  • Sligo Surfers by Eamonn Shaughnessy
  • Mildly Different by Anna Czarska
  • Rogue Gallery byTom Lenihan
  • Earthing by Llewellyn Michael bates
  • Saturday by Brian Dunster
  • Day Release by Joe Reilly
  • Caged by Gavin O’Herlihy
  • Ill Gotten Gains by Ricardo Bravo
  • Midas Mike by JC Lynch
  • 1940 by Paul Webster
  • Next of Kin by Dean Marriott
  • La Tumba by Jonathan Hughes
  • Lucky Day by Wendy J Grube
  • Cost You Nothing by Patricia Kelly
  • Bad Reception by Louise Lonergan
  • Hazel by Alice McLoughlin
  • Snow by Bairbre O’Toole
  • A Fern Finds Fred by Jennifer Osborne
  • Vinnies Tale by Tommy Nicholson
  • Lucky One by Paul Cahill
  • Nightswimming by Eoin Bourke
  • Know Your Monster by Helen Faulkner & Jordan Woodley
  • The Wood from the Trees by Alec Moore
  • Indigo by Terry Creagh
  • Angels and Devils by Sean Ryan
  • Size 10’s by Ruairí Heading
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