Show off your talent at Open Mic’s 5 Year Anniversary celebration

Whatever you like to do, if you do it well then there's a slot for you at Central Arts Open Mic night. Sharing is caring.

Perform on stage at Central Arts on Thursday, January 27th on this very special night of music, song, poetry and more, as Open Mic celebrate their 5th anniversary. Wow!

Your chance to shine!

Open Mic nights take place each month have really take off in the past few years. Local talent put on an awesome variety of performances to keep you entertained. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned performer or a newbie to the stage, all are welcome to perform or just go watch.

Open Mic nights

Check out the video below featuring Niamh Moroney, artist-in-residence at Central arts. Great little taster of what Open Mic is all about.

Source: Vimeo

Each act gets 8 mins or 2 songs. Read more about the event below.

Go you!


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