Keep the kids happy during COVID-19

With schools being closed, lots of us are looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained while being stuck at home. Below, we share lots of fun ways to pass the day.

Here are a few ways to keep their little minds ticking over and offering lots of enjoyment at the same time. No bored kids in this house!

Great educational apps

  1. Twinkle are offering one-month free membership which gives you instant access to lots of great lesson plans for Primary School kids and their teachers.
  2. Another great app for kids is which is packed with hours of maths fun.
  3. is well worth checking out for kids who learn differently – all abilities and levels are catered for.
  4. is really good for maths and computing for all ages but has lots of other areas of interest too.
  5. Learn to make music with Another music app called DabbledooMusic is an Irish app built around the school curriculum. Free trial offered too.
  6. For all ages, BBC Learning is a great resource for language learning, revision, classroom clips and more. Check it out here
  7. Get creative and learn to draw and sketch with SketchBook (Android-only) Hours of fun guaranteed.

Videos to inspire

One Irish writer is running free daily online “creative bursts” to keep kids engaged and get ideas for making things. Each day there will new content uploaded. Kids should love it.

It’s playtime!

All work and no play make for unhappy kids! From baking and play dough to LEGO kits and dress-up time, there are lots of off-screen ways to fill up the day at home to distract amidst COVID-19. Time to dig out the toys!

The great outdoors for kids

With activities halted, and restrictions on play dates and trips to the playground due to COVID-19, there are still places to go with enough space between you and the public. Waterford has so many beautiful places outdoors to go with the kids where they can go wild and let off some steam!

Click into each place below for info.

Waterford.FYI is more than happy to help get you through the school-shut down period – be sensible and avoid places where you can’t avoid close contact with people. Use common sense. For more outdoor ideas, visit our page

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