Waterford Harvest Festival 2022

This year, the festival is teaming up with some of the best food producers in the county to bring you the very best in local produce. So, whether you’re a foodie, a home-cook or just looking for a great day out, make sure to head to Waterford for the Harvest Festival!

Festival Schedule


  • 11am – Global Shocks/Local Impact
  • 12pm- Momo with Michael Buchta & Kamila Bystrzonowska – Broad Street
  • 12.30pm- Plan(e)t Based Diets
  • 2pm- Mass Movements versus Mass Extinctions
  • 3pm- Faithlegg with Jenny Flynn – Broad Street
  • 4pm- Q&A: Growing with kids


  • 11am- Cost of Food, Cost of Living
  • 12pm- IASC seafood bar with Caitlín Uí Aodha – Broad Street
  • 12.30pm- Zero Waste Kitchens
  • 1.15pm- Mezze with Nicola Crowley & Dvir Nusery – Broad Street
  • 2pm- Resilient and regenerative food systems – a Waterford manifesto?
  • 3pm- UNioN with Stephen McCardle – Broad Street
  • 4pm- Q&A: Unexpected GIYers
  • 4pm- GROW HQ with JB Dubois & Legacy Cider – Broad Street

Harvest Festival Gig Guide

Festival Map


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