Cheekpoint Playground

Cheekpoint Playground Reviews


  • Always quiet which is perfect, well maintained nothing broken like other parks

    Ed Ryaned 7 months ago
  • Well kept, not abused and vandalised like every park in town

    Martin Shaw 8 months ago
  • A gem in the local community... well laid out with a good variety of things to keep children busy and active... well done who ever in the community that helped organise it

    Aidan Sheerin a year ago
  • Excellent playground, has everything. Quiet.

    Daddy Poppins a year ago
  • Charming riverside,scenic village on the Suir Estuary.Delightful quaint names like Dobbyns Field,where the playground is located.Lovely,meandering wooded walks and vistas.

    Lucia Farrell a year ago


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4.8 stars - based on 98 reviews
5 Gracedieu Road, Cheekpoint County Waterford
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