Why we’ll be going back to Tra na mBó

There's surely a beach for everyone along The Copper Coast. Right now, it's got to be Tra na mBó for us.

We’re big beach fans here in Waterford and love nothing more than a walk on the beach or a dip in the sea during the summer months. While you can’t always (or ever) count on the weather, you can count on being spoilt for choice when it comes to the number of beaches to choose from. Up to now, we thought we’d seen it all until a spin out to The Copper Coast where we came upon a spectacular little beach a bit off the beaten track called Tra an mBó. When you get to Bonmahon, there’s a sign for it, and the beach itself is hidden out of sight until you get to the top of the hill.

For those of you who know it, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s quite breathtaking when you arrive for the first time and see the large, dark standing stone smack right in the middle of the beach. The sand is darker than other beaches we’ve been to and the views of the cliffs and rocks jutting into the sea are really, really amazing! Water there is crystal clear too but do check with locals about safe swimming there.

Rugged, dark and mysterious.

There are a lot of unusual rock formations surrounding this pretty little cove. Seemingly, thousands of years ago, volcanic activity shaped the coastline and today, you get to admire the results. Like other beaches along The Copper Coast, mining was a big feature of the area and you can still see where the rocks were dug into.

How to get there

We’ve shared some photos of what it’s like but if you do go to Bonmahon this summer, make sure you park the car and walk up the hill to discover the beach for yourself because it really is fab there.

The map below should get you there in no time! Enjoy.


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We recently caught up with Sean at his home in Bonmahon where we got a very warm welcome and a nice cup of tea. Sure what else would you want on a blustery winter’s day at the Copper Coast!