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Record Fair
Check out what's on around town. Tommy Flemming comes to The Theatre Royal, there's some hot disco sounds at Itty Bittys, and vinyl traders offer up some of the best record displays on the island on Sunday, January 19th - not to be missed!

Tommy Flemming at The Theatre Royal

Often called the “Voice of Ireland”, Tommy Flemming plays to fans this Friday night at The Theatre Royal. He is one of Ireland’s top entertainers with over 6.5 million Youtube hits and has sold out shows from Dublin to Darwin worldwide. Quite a feat for an Irish man.

Check out his video

Get the funk on the dance floor!

If you don’t get up and dance, you aren’t human.

Grace Jones.

Who are we to argue with Grace Jones??? Dance the night away at this Saturday’s Disco Daze at Itty Bittys bar. Enjoy a great mix of Funk, Soul and House music. Looks like a night of some seriously good sounds! Sample here

Vinyl galore at Waterford Record Fair

This Sunday, January 19th sees vinyl enthusiasts gather in the city for The Waterford Record Fair with some of the biggest collections of records known to man (or in Ireland at least). Your chance to snap up some great records, CDs and DVDs on the day. Free entry and kid-friendly too. Nice way to spend a Sunday.

Wellness matters at Garter Lane

If you’re interested in being your best self in 2020, then head to Garter Lane for ‘Live with Vitality’. Each Monday night for five weeks, Dr. Mark Rowe, doctor, author and wellness expert will teach you a thing or two about living a healthier, happier life. We’re on board with that!


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