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Taking Dickens’ Miss Havisham in to the era of social media, Gone Full Havisham is bound to thrill at Garter Lane. Scottish folk singer Eddie Reader comes to town on Saturday, plus Bosco's on tour on Sunday 16th at The Theatre Royal.

February 14th at Garter Lane

Miss Havisham is one lady who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is in Gone Full Havisham. Watch the trailer below to truly appreciate the extraordinary piece playing this Valentine’s night at Garter Lane. Irene Kelleher’s play will totally draw you in.

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Read more about the event below.

Saturday 15th with Eddie Reader

It’s got to be perfect! ” Famous lyrics we all know from Scottish singer Eddie Reader who plays at The Theatre Royal this Saturday night. She had a big hit with ‘Fairground Attraction’. If you don’t remember, then listen to it here. Love it. Show at 8pm.

See everyone’s favourite puppet on Sunday 16th

An old favourite, the Lampert Puppet Theatre presents Bosco’s Once Upon a Time Tour on Sunday at 3 pm in The Theatre Royal. Kids will love it so hurry and get your tickets!


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