Read a classic

Jane Austin or Charles Dickens? Now is a good time to catch up on those classics. Check them out on Amazon for a good read.

Make reading a habit

The reason this article isn’t title something like ‘Becoming an avid reader’ is because a section of us are yet to imbibe the virtues of reading. Until we do, apply this four-point method to identify and awaken the reader in you.

Discover the type of reader you are

There are those who read for the enjoyment and those who read to fulfill a need like education, learning or awareness. If your reading is limited to fulfilling needs, pick up a book and start reading.

Find your first read

It depends on what genre interests you most. Science, technology, history, art, nature, self-help, romance, mystery? Once you’ve chosen the genre, pick a book that you’re most likely to finish, like a book that’s not too long or complicated. Speak to friends and colleagues who are avid readers, and find out what books they started with. Ask on social media and watch the suggestions flow. Don’t feel shy about your choice of book. The title you pick is a means, not the end itself.

Still not sure what read? Here’s a quick tip. If you like a movie based on a book, make the book your first read.

make reading a habit 02 1 scaled

Step into reading mode

Find out when you can read. For example, read after dinner or before going to bed instead of watching TV. When you get back to the daily commute, find time to read on the bus or train to work. Read to your kids, partner, parents, anyone who’s willing. Utilizes breaks at work for reading.

Whatever you read, paper books or electronic versions, make notes, highlights, remarks to self. Discuss your book with others. Start blogging about it, ask questions or share your views about it on social media.

Set yourself targets

Start with reasonable targets, like reading at least an hour each day, five days a week.

Monitor your reading targets with reminders or notations. Make up for skipped sessions, allow yourself cheat days, change a book midway if it doesn’t interest you.

By the end of this exercise, chances are you made reading a habit. Thank yourself if you do.


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