Learn calligraphy

Put pen to paper and learn to write beautifully with a good calligraphy pen and some patience. Plenty of YouTube videos to guide you.

3 Simple Steps

Show off your creative skills in front of your loved ones with some custom made card or design frames & posters for your home with the art of calligraphy.

To learn basic calligraphy, all you need is:

  1. Graph paper or any lined paper for guidelines.
  2. A calligraphy pen / if not any sketch pen, dark pencils (4B / 6B) will do.

Step 01

In calligraphy, the basic skill to learn is to form thick and thin lines. For this, position your pen and move upwards using a light pressure/hold on the pen. Coming back downwards use a heavier pressure (you need to push the pen a little) and it forms the thick line.

calligraphy blog stp1

Step 02

Practise these thick and thin strokes. Remember, you need to achieve these strokes in a fluent style. Try different alphabets and numbers as each has a different curve and line, giving a good balance of strokes.

calligraphy blog stp2

Step 03

Remember Step 01 and 02. Now try writing sentences and quotes together and apply styles to the alphabet styles. You can also try cursive or joined-up handwriting, lower-case, upper-case and also regional languages.

calligraphy blog stp3

Now go ahead and make a card or a poster with your motivational quote in it. Its that simple. So get on your creative hats and be a calligraphy expert.

calligraphy blog calligraphy card 1


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