Waterford Your Way!

A new site for Irelands oldest city

Waterford, a bustling city with so much potential and by far, Ireland’s most underrated City! For now.

Waterford.fyi is a new online website for Waterford City and surrounding areas. We’re going to do our utmost best to shine a light on all the fabulous sights, and bring out the best sounds and uncover the hidden gems that make us so proud to live in the Deise.

Waterford is steeped in culture and history, offering beautiful scenery, beaches & mountains, great restaurants & pubs and let’s not forget one of the cities newest draws – the awesome Waterford Greenway! A City not just loved by its’ people but one that leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. At Waterford.fyi, we want to let everyone know what makes Waterford so special and echo our story far and wide. Let’s get this story started!

Help us spread the word!

If you have any updates about your business that you’d like to highlight, let us know. Just email well@waterford.fyi and we’ll do our best to get your listing updated.

Want to give us some feedback? Or if you’d like to see other information on Waterford.fyi, then drop us a line and we will be more than happy to take a look!

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Staff Writer

Staff Writer

Want to contribute to Waterford.fyi? Email us on well@waterford.fyi

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