Waterford Walls 2020 is here!

The Walls team have done all they can to bring this year's festival to the streets of Waterford and we're so glad they did!

Waterford’s International Street Festival comes to town on July 13th and runs right to August 28th; that’s 46 WHOLE days of painting! Every year, street artists from all Ireland and from abroad descend upon the city to make their mark on the sides of buildings high and low. The result? We’re are left with stunning artwork to admire and appreciate for the rest of the year while we traipse through the streets of Waterford.

The festival is also great for kids and is a great way to pass an afternoon and appreciating the diverse facades of Waterford. There’s also a festival shop so you can own some Waterford Walls souvenirs that you available from their online shop.

Check out their Facebook page for details of the festival programme and updates.

Now in its sixth year

After a tough few months of 2020, everyone is can enjoy being out and about and catch a glimpse of well-known street artists at work. Looking forward to the buzz it creates each year.

Some of our favourites murals

We just love these and wated to share them with you. Can’t wait to see all the new additions for this years festival!

Shop Waterford Walls

Credit: Waterford Walls
Some of the great merchandise on offer
Credit: Waterford Walls

What a better way to support local than getting yourself a nice Waterford Walls 2020 T-shirt or some gorgeous wall prints from previous years to hang at home! Enjoy.


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