Waterford FYI—New Look, New Link…Still for Locals

This week, Waterford FYI has rebranded its overall look and logo to make the website more impactful and has also changed the url to make it quintessentially Irish and easier to remember with .ie in its new link (https://wfyi.ie).

A Little History

Waterford FYI was first launched in 2019 as a passion project for Dinesh Lalvani after he moved from Dubai with his Waterford-born-and-bred wife Claire and their two children. Dinesh wanted to build a site for locals, by locals, to keep Waterford folk informed to what’s going on in the Déise.

What We Cover

Our website covers everything from local events and festivals to attractions, profiles, music, nightlife, fun stuff for kids, and the great outdoors. We want to Fuel Your Imagination (see what we did there) and show you why we’re proud to call the Déise our home.

You’ll find plenty of topics on WFYI.IE, including People & Communities, Art & Culture, History & Heritage, Music & Nightlife, Family & Kids, Outdoors & Adventures, and Food & Drink. We also have microsites in the Deise Hub for specific events and initiatives, like the recently concluded Thomas Francis Meagher 175th Anniversary Tricolour Celebration, Let’s Meet at O’Connell Street for events and live music updates in the Cultural Quarter, the Imagine Arts Festival, and Shop Waterford to support local businesses.

We’re always working on new projects, too. So watch this space!

Why The Refresh?

Although we liked the name dotFYI, we felt it was important to select a domain name that was simple to remember and did not require explanation. We also wanted something short and catchy that would resonate with our local audience, so we went with a .IE domain.

To create a more Irish brand, we abbreviated our original brand name to its essence. The Irish domain was then added, resulting in the name WFYI.IE. Regardless of the changes, we will always be Waterford, Your Way!

In addition to this, one of our goals was to make sure that when people saw the symbol, they immediately recognized the website as being associated with Waterford. Because of this, the symbol and tagline have been combined into a single graphical representation.

WFYI Colour Schemes

The Same Message…

Regardless of the changes, Waterford FYI’s mission is simple. It’s a website for Waterford that aims to showcase the sights, sounds and hidden gems that make us proud to live in the Deise. Soak up the city’s nightlife, art and culture, heritage and history and take in the beautiful scenery of its spectacular beaches and mountains. Drop into the great cafes, pubs and restaurants the city has to offer. There’s always something on and we want to tell you about it.

Follow Us

Check out our new website at https://wfyi.ie, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for even more updates. And if you want to get in touch, just shoot us an email. We’re always happy to hear from our fellow Waterfordians!

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