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Celebrating the 175th Year of our National Flag

On the 7th of March 1848, Thomas Francis Meagher flew a Tricolour flag at the Wolf Tone Club 33 The Mall, Waterford City, where it flew continuously for eight days and nights before being removed by the authorities.

The Tricolour was presented as a gift in 1848 to Thomas Francis Meagher from a small group of French women sympathetic to the Irish cause was intended to symbolise the inclusion and hoped-for union between Roman Catholics (symbolised by the green colour) and Protestants (symbolised by the orange colour).

The Thomas Francis Meagher 175th Anniversary Tricolour Celebration is a historic event taking place in the city of Waterford, Ireland from March 3rd to March 5th, 2023. This commemoration marks the life and legacy of Thomas Francis Meagher, an Irish American Patriot who played a pivotal role in Ireland’s struggle for independence.

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2023 Tricolour Celebration Program

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I trust that the old country will not refuse this symbol of a new life from one of her youngest children. I need not explain its meaning. The quick and passionate intellect of the generation now springing into arms will catch it at a glance. The white in the centre signifies a lasting truce between the “orange” and the “green” and I trust that beneath its folds, the hands of the Irish Protestant and the Irish Catholic may be clasped in  generous and heroic brotherhood


The Tricolour Celebration will be taking place at the following venues. Click on a venue to get location details and more. 

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