The best Father’s Day gifts around town

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've put together a list of some really nice gifts that can be bought locally and will suit all types of 'MenKind'!

Sunday, June 21st is fast approaching and with most of our local independent stores back open, it’s just in time to seek out the perfect present. These past few months may have seen your Dad deprived of some of the things he loves most; a whiskey in Thomas Maher’s pub after work, a good steak on a Friday night in 360 Cookhouse, Dungarvan, or just the chance to splash out on something nice for himself in T.R.M. clothes shop. Either way, I think it’s pretty safe to say that your Dad deserves to being treated to some nice gifts this year…

Go on, spoil him.

There have probably been a few times lately when you’re Dad has probably wanted to go back into his man cave and claw back some much-needed headspace during the lockdown. But now, the sun is out and life is returning to a new normal and with Father’s Day also happening on the longest day of the year, your Dad has every excuse to be spoilt! It’s your chance to make sure that your Father has everything he needs to enjoy his special day.

Life in lockdown has been hard for Dad but Father’s day is bound to cheer him up!

Gifts you can buy locally

So, what to buy? Is your Dad ‘Active Dad‘ or is he more ‘Foodie Dad? Or, maybe he’s ‘Bookworm Dad‘? Not forgetting there’s plenty of BBQ and D.I.Y Dads (or wannabes…). No matter what type of Dad you’ve got, check out what’s on offer locally. Remember, money spent in Waterford is a win, win situation: Happy Dad + Happy Retailer = Happy Waterford.

Here are some ideas below to help you choose that perfect gift.

Don’t know which he’d prefer?

Then why not go all out and get him ALL OF THEM!!! Go on, he’s worth it. Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads reading this.

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