Safe shopping all the way in Waterford!

Hear what John Pratt, Mayor of Waterford has to say on local shops reopening today as well as the importance of safe shopping and social distancing.

There is a buzz around town that you can’t miss when you walk through the streets of Waterford. June 8th has been long-awaited and finally, it is here. Most of our favourite shops have thrown open their doors for the first time in months and boy are we happy to venture inside their stores.

Safety first

We want you to enjoy a sense of getting back to normal and shopping locally again. While it’s been a difficult few months for everyone, retailers have been kept busy putting safety measures in place to ensure you have a safe shopping trip. Read more on shopping safely during COVID-19

Watch this short video below and hear what each of these retailers are doing to make shopping safe in Waterford.

What’s open

We have compiled an ever growing list of shops around Waterford city and county that are open for business. You can view which stores are open here. It’s now that local shops need your support so remember to shop local and help get Waterford buzzing again. Happy shopping!

Shoppers in Waterford City on June 8th


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