Pre-session Procession @Tom Mahers pub this Saturday, January 25th.

Join in the procession of the marching brass band from Tom Mahers to The Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms this Saturday night!

The weekend is almost upon us. Join in this Saturday night’s marching brass band procession which kicks off at the iconic Tom Maher’s pub where you can try some of the best whiskey macs in the town. Then, it’s on to The Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms for the main event with plenty of swinging and dancing Roaring 20’s style!

Music by Deise Brass

The awesome Deise Brass will lead the march up to the tea rooms in association with The Peaky Blinders Jazz Club. These guys really know how to put on a stompin’ show, with quite a few peaky blinders night up their sleeves already.

Check out Deise Brass here

So get your glad rags on and be at Tom Maher’s @ 7.30 pm to join in the fun!


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