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  • Staff and Consultants at this Clinic are very helpful.

    John Mc Donagh a month ago
  • What a great hospital. This sets the standard for customer/ patent experience. Unlike other hospitals if your I. For a procedure where you stay overnight your experience is patient focused. You book in - they check your cover and complete any paperwork/ payment if needed then your off to your room. Just like a boutique hotel (only a little more sterile) Your pre op paper work and tests are done in your own room. You can unpack and rest Then they take you down from your room and off for your procedure as normal. Everyone I met and I mean everyone was absolutely outstanding. I don’t want to list them as I will forget one. Just trust me nothing is too much trouble. Well done Putting the patient first Brilliant experience You should all be very proud of yourselves Thank you

    Jonathan Williams 7 months ago
  • I attended UPMC yesterday and from the moment you walk through their doors you are attended to immediately. The level of hygiene and precautions taken re: covid were exemplary, the hospital is spotless. The staffs level of care and professionalism is second to none, the patient feels valued, cared for and ultimately respected. Well done UPMC and thank you. Needless to say I would highly recommend this hospital.

    Claudia Peakin a year ago


4.2 stars - based on 47 reviews
Butlerstown North Waterford, County Waterford

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Monday: Open 24 hours
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