The Three Shippes

The Three Shippes Reviews

  • Amazing little locals pub in Waterford. Great food and cheap drinks, what more could you ask for!

    Devon Ellis 3 months ago
  • Lovely staff here. Good range of food on the menu and reasonable prices. Never too packed, plenty of space. Great for families.

    Sam D 3 months ago
  • Had a great time. Excellent food and wonderful service. Bartender was fun and very personable.

    Jon Schmidt 2 weeks ago
  • We walked in about 19:30. Outside the sign said dinner a la carte ended at 20:00. We didn't know if this ment dinner service ended at 8 or of after 8 you could only eat specific meals, so we went in. The atmosphere was warm and exactly what you would expect an old pub to look like. We were greater warmly and seated, but across the way I saw an irate chef staring at us. Dinner ended at 8. I rushed my party to order and as soon as we got our food the chef stormed out of the kitchen and out the doors. He wasn't happy. But we were. The food he gave us was awesome! He did not forgo the quality of his food in spite of his mood. And if he did I couldnt imagine the food being better. We got beef stew and potato soup and it was hearth, flavorful, and the portions were huge. The restaurant is outside the center but worth the walk

    Rod Cabral 4 years ago
  • Excellent service Lovely setting Good value for money (Not wheelchair accessible)

    Shane Dunne 2 months ago


4.4 stars - based on 414 reviews
William Street Waterford, County Waterford X91 KX20
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