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  • Great Bar with a Lounge Style Interior. If you like Gin, then this is the Place for you. A huge selection of irish and international Gin's is ready for you to enjoy. I can also recommend the non-acloholic Cocktails. Staff is very friendly and always helpful with suggestions for your next Drink.

    Markus Künzel 2 years ago
  • Great atmosphere, fantastic selection of Gin. 🍸

    Johnny Kiely 2 years ago
  • Unbelievable food and lovely staff

    Geoff Hogan 2 years ago
  • Nice cocktails. The bartender was also really sound.

    Dylan O'Leary 2 years ago
  • Really lovely pub. Great drinks menu and decor. I particularly appreciated the off menu non alcoholic cocktail the bar tender made my pregnant self - lovely personalised attention.

    Laura O'Connor 4 years ago


4.7 stars - based on 98 reviews
Saint Mary Street Dungarvan, Waterford Ireland
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