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  • Amazing brews, can't wait to come back!

    Daniel Moylan a year ago
  • Visiting Dungarvan from the US. Excellent beers, especially the Copper Coast. Will have to sneak a couple of bottles into my luggage to share with friends at home.

    Doug Burns 3 years ago
  • Loved it. Did the tour. Really enjoyed it

    Sean B 3 years ago
  • Lovely small brewery, great way to spend an hour!

    mar fl 3 years ago
  • Justing having a nice pint of your Copper Coast here in Uxbridge , West London .. Very good , keep up the good work .. Must look into a brewery visit next time I'm in Ireland ..

    James Kearns 6 years ago


4.4 stars - based on 14 reviews
Parknagappul County Waterford, Ireland
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