Deer Park Forest Trail, Minaun

Deer Park Forest Trail, Minaun Reviews


  • Magical mystery tour!! Great fun to walk through and spectacular views...

    Ger Smith in the last week
  • Lots of trails for walking and mountain biking. The rhododendrons are magnificent later in the year too

    Garry Fox a month ago
  • Starting at the carpark you can go a two main directions: To the west there is Faithlegg Forest Recreation Area, this walk is very uneven (boots are recommended), this area is mostly a collection of bike trails with a few walking trails. Its a bit hard to figure out where to go but is an adventure. To the east is Cromwell's table on Minaun Hill, a spectacular lookout point where you can see the river all the way to passage east, to get here follow the road west until it turns into a grass road, from here head up onto the hill where the old lookout tower has been repurposed as a satellite dish holder. There is a beautiful Scott's pine forest here and you can make your way all the way down to the national school

    Tel S 3 months ago
  • Great walk for the family!

    Neil Douglas 2 months ago
  • A great trek for the family.

    Jonathan Nolan 8 months ago


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4.7 stars - based on 41 reviews
Cheekpoint County Waterford, Ireland

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