Comeragh Mountains

Comeragh Mountains Reviews

  • Beautiful trails! It is a great walk to the lake. This is an Irish lake, Set in a mountain circus, in the Comeragh Mountains, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Ireland. The view is spectacular, and well worth a walk to discover it.

    Felipe Almeida 4 months ago
  • What can I say. Wow. Did the whole loop around the mountains with the lake in the centre. Boy was it tough but at the same time exhilarating to be challenged with a very demanding mountain climb. Certainly much harder than I had expected. Luckily we had local guides with us who navigated the route perfectly, otherwise it might be a little dangerous in parts, with a steep drop to the bottom. ( a recent fatality can attest to that). Needs to be respected in parts. But the views, on the sunny and hot day, we were there, were magnificent and well worth all the hard effort to get to the top and see the beautiful landscape of Waterford, and further afield, and to see the lake silhouetting off the sunshine. Took us over 4 hours to do the whole loop, which started at the car park at the bottom, and from the small wooded area at the beginning. Memorable and something which reminded me that sometimes I do live in the nicest country in the world!!

    Rob Nesbit 11 months ago
  • We had a nice hike here, although it was a rainy day. Cute little waterfall and of course a lot of sheeps.

    Mary Anastasia 4 years ago
  • Gorgeous hike on the Boolas loop with a gorgeous creek / little waterfall and little lost mountain lakes. Well worth the visit and hike.

    Aaron Martinez 5 years ago
  • Very tough climb with a bike stuffed with bags but well worth it! Beautiful sights when you reach the top.

    Gudo Hoogzaad 5 years ago


4.8 stars - based on 40 reviews
Curraheen County Waterford, Ireland
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