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  • If you're seeking an authentic Irish pub experience filled with warmth, genuine hospitality, and a true sense of community, look no further than Alice O'Connors Lounge Bar. This family-owned establishment, nestled in the heart of Dungarvan, is a treasure that embodies the essence of Irish culture and traditions. From the moment we stepped into the pub, it was clear that Alice O'Connors was not just any ordinary bar. The current owner and barman, Brian, welcomed us with open arms and a friendly smile. His warm demeanor and genuine interest in connecting with patrons make this place feel like a home away from home. Brian's passion for his family's legacy is evident as he shared stories and showed us pictures that spanned generations. It was a delight to be taken on a tour of the bar, learning about its history and witnessing the pride he carries for his heritage. The personal touch of sharing his favorite books and discussing an author he admires added an extra layer of authenticity to our experience. Alice O'Connors Lounge Bar is a haven for locals, and it's refreshing to find a place that isn't overrun with tourists. The intimate atmosphere allows for genuine connections to form with the locals, who frequent the pub and form a tight-knit community. During our visit, we had the pleasure of spending the evening with Brian and his friends, who welcomed us into their circle as if we were long-lost friends. The conversations flowed effortlessly, laughter filled the air, and the night turned into an unforgettable celebration of our engagement. Brian's generosity in treating us to a few rounds of Guinness truly exemplified the spirit of Irish hospitality. It's important to note that the charm of Alice O'Connors Lounge Bar lies not in its extravagant décor or flashy entertainment, but in its unassuming simplicity. The cozy interior, reminiscent of old-world Irish pubs, invites you to relax, unwind, and enjoy the company of friends and strangers alike. The absence of tourist crowds allows for a more intimate and authentic experience, where locals share stories, laughter, and a sense of belonging. While we eagerly extended an invitation to Brian for our wedding, we understand that life moves at its own pace. Regardless, the cherished memories we made at Alice O'Connors Lounge Bar will forever hold a special place in our hearts. If you find yourself in Dungarvan, Alice O'Connors Lounge Bar is an absolute must-visit. Embrace the local, relaxed, and homey Irish feel that permeates every corner of this beloved pub. Whether you're seeking a pint of Guinness, engaging conversations, or simply a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Alice O'Connors Lounge Bar will not disappoint. Our visit left us longing for more, and we eagerly anticipate returning to this hidden gem in the future! Sláinte!

    Wesley Eagle a year ago
  • Brian is a brilliant host. Super local pub no nonsense and fantastic pint of stout. A hurling spot with a wonderful atmosphere. I will be back.

    Enda McCormack a year ago
  • You'll struggle to find a better Guinness elsewhere. Sublime! Brian is a fantastic Barman! I will be back!

    Shane Donovan 10 months ago
  • Great lounge very welcoming to all by the publican and the local people I am a new resident in Abbeyside myself and my husband are so happy to have chosen to live out out retirement years in Abbeyside Thanks to all in O'CONNORS its been a gem find for us

    Kathleen Guerin 9 months ago
  • Best pint of Guinness in town.

    ned morrissey 2 months ago
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4.8 stars - based on 96 reviews
Sexton Street Abbeyside, Dungarvan Ireland

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