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  • Excellent, traditional Irish pub. Cosy with a fire going in winter.

    Gareth Maybury a year ago
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my recent visit at your pub. The music was great and the two complimentary drinks were much appreciated. I liked the green poster at the top of the bar that read "Beer Helps" I tried to take a photo of it but it turned out blurry. I can't remember the rest of what was on it. I know it was funny. Any chance you can send it to me??

    Patricia Moonilal 2 years ago
  • This is a wonderful pub, local and family owned for almost 300 years.. steeped in history.. absolutely worth the visit..

    Chandler White 2 years ago
  • In a land of Irish pubs, you won't find a more genuine Irish pub anywhere. Aggie Hayes Pub is an over 300 years building with a thatch roof where visitors can join the locals in a drink or a song if they want. I was lucky to go on a Saturday night and was made to feel very welcome. Seeing the locals sing and play guitar made for a fantastic night. The goodwill and happiness flowed as freely as the Guinness.

    Michael Lithgow 2 years ago
  • It's fantastic, I remember buying bags of sweets here as a kid, that's a long time ago, anyway it's a very old thatched building with years of history inside. Great music great session's here as well but the crac is 90 always. Must visit when you are in Dunmore East. Or passing through, or just come out anyway.

    edwardc hannon 2 years ago


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4.7 stars - based on 131 reviews
Dunmore East County Waterford, Ireland
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