It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

The Waterford Winterval team has been busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas festival! They've been working hard to bring the Christmas spirit to Waterford, and they're almost ready for the big event. Friday is the big day when everything will be lit up and ready to go. Thanks to the Winterval team, Waterford is going to be a beautiful place to celebrate Christmas this year!
Photo: Growl Media
WFYI Xmas WIP IMG 0255

We took a walk around town earlier and preparations are in full swing for the launch this Friday of Winterval 2022. It’s starting to look like a winter wonderland…minus the snow.

WFYI Xmas WIP IMG 0288
Well Boi! Welcome to my house.

WFYI Xmas WIP OCOnnell Street Christ Work in Progress
European-style Winterval food and craft markets on O’Connell Street, where you can fuel up on food and drink and stock up on Christmas presents!
WFYI Xmas WIP IMG 0264
Winterval 2022 marks the return of lots of the original attractions like Santa’s arrival to Waterford, Winterval on Ice and the Winterval Carousel.

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