Imagine: Live From the Ground Day 3—Ancient Traditions and Charity, Right Here in Waterford

We're here learning all about the history and traditions of the freemasons in Waterford. One eyeopener we learned from this morning's talk is the charity work the freemasons do for our city.

In today’s Behind Closed Doors Series, we’re here on a fascinating tour and talk of Waterford’s Masonic Lodge building on Waterside. Members Marcus and Eric are telling us all about the history of freemasonry and the charity work they do for Waterford.

Freemasonary in Waterford dates back to at least 1757 and has three main focuses; fraternity and friendship between all its members, charitable relief to those in need, and preserving its traditions and customs at their Lodge gatherings.

Early masons provided financial support for education. These days they help children of the deceased or those struggling financially, especially with 2nd and 3rd level education.

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The charities they help in Waterford are, among others, Teddies For Loving Care (TLC), which provides teddies for the children in hospital in Waterford; the RNLI; the Simon Community, Children’s Grouplink and the Rape Crisis Centre.

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