Help shape Waterford’s future

Now's the time to take part in how your beloved city and county will develop over the next six years.

This year has brought its fair share of challenges for Waterford people but today, we share with you some good news! Waterford City and County Development Planners invite YOU to have your say in how your city & county will be developed over six years, from 2022 – 2028. Now that’s a big deal and a chance to make your voice heard and even make a difference your beloved Waterford.

Have your say

Your submissions or observations will help planners find out the ‘big picture’ issues that affect people in Waterford and see how the plan could tackle these issues. You can submit your ideas online or write to the Senior Planner themselves at Waterford City Council.

Look at what we have

If you need a good reason to have your say, then watch this really, lovely video of some of our best attractions in Waterford. Now is the time to participate and help Waterford achieve it’s potential.

Submissions or observations can be made to the Planning Authority from now until Monday 14th September 2020. There will be two more opportunities for the public to have their say later on in the plan. Don’t delay – have your say today.


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