Harmania Choir, music to your ears.

Tune in to the amazing Indie choir that is Harmania.

Coming to a venue near you, the unstoppable Indie Choir are taking to the stage this Friday, October 11th with their performance at Garter Lane Theatre.

Great songs, fabulous harmonies and a fantastic diverse group of singers who just love to belt out harmony after harmony, much to their audience’s delight.


The choir was started by Róisín McGrath, a music teacher, and musician about three years ago and has been thrilling audiences all over Ireland since. They love Indie music but you’re bound to hear the odd pop song thrown in from time to time. Whatever takes their fancy, either way, we just LOVE them!

Harmonia Choir performing Lana Del Rey – Source: Youtube

Don’t forget to check them out tomorrow night – you won’t be disappointed…


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Staff Writer

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