Get your magazines during COVID-19!

The Book Centre doors might be closed but they are still open for business. Like many local shops and restaurants, collection and delivery options are the new normal here in Waterford.

No need to miss out on your favourite weekly reads, the latest novels or extra stationery for the kids.

Local staff are working hard at The Book Centre

Lots of us are stuck at home for fear of catching the Coronavirus, especially the elderly who can’t take their usual trips to the shops. You’ll be glad to know that The Book Centre is offering contact-free customer collections and deliveries.

Lost of books to choose from

Browse their website and then place your order online or over the phone.

Buy a gift voucher

Why not surprise a family member or friend with a gift voucher that they can use straight away online? Great way to cheer someone up plus get their fix of shopping!


A really useful resource to have during current restrictions plus a great way to support local businesses.


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