Face masks for the family

Don't know which type of face mask you prefer for that trip on the bus or to the supermarket? Then let us help you find the perfect mask - it might even be locally made!

Save or splurge on face masks? Whether you want to make your own cloth masks or buy them at your nearest shop or pharmacy, knowing what’s easily available around Waterford could make the decision for you.

A new normal

A few months ago, we were all going about our day-to-day lives – meeting friends for coffee in town, having drinks in the local pub or eating out in our favourite restaurants. Then COVID-19 struck and our lives were turned upside down.

While face masks are not mandatory, they are recommended in certain situations (grocery store, public transport, visiting high-risk people, etc.) to help reduce the spread of the virus. So let’s see what options are out there at the moment. View official guidelines on when to wear face coverings.

Where to buy face masks locally

Here is a list of where you can buy both disposable and locally made reusable cotton face masks. And, remember by spending money locally, we are doing our bit for our city and county. The list is just a sample of places where you can get face masks. Most pharmacies have them.

First up is Deise Face Masks who are making and selling beautifully designed face masks for all ages. You can buy them on their Facebook page.

Credit: Deise Face Masks
Credit: Deise Face Masks

BÉBHÍNN, are selling are currently selling luxury linen face masks online. The studio and shop is at 129 The Quay, Waterford but for now, you can orders yours online here

Linen face masks from BÉBHÍNN
Source: Instagram

Phelan’s Pharmacy sells lots of types of masks, from re-usable cotton ones, sports face masks, and also disposable masks. Shop now

If you’re looking for a disposable face shield, Autofactors are selling them online. Buy them here

DIY face masks

If you want to make your own mask, then you will need some fabric to do so. While a lot of shops are closed, there are other ways such as using socks to make a mask – and it’s SO EASY!

How to make a cloth mask

You can use a sock, bandana or T-shirt to create a homemade mask. Check out this article on Deetox.com on how to create a face mask at home or see below:

Give it socks!

We came across this really great video that show’s you how to make a face mask from a…SOCK! Brilliant…


Remember to store your mask safely and follow the safety guidelines for wearing, washing and disposing of. Read more here


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