Did You know that Waterford has the largest glacial lake in Ireland?

Coumshingaun is one of the most spectacular glacial lakes in Ireland - and the biggest. A WWI veteran also lived in a cave by the lake there back in the days!
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Think back to geography class. Who would have thought the Deise would be up there when talking about cirques (glacial lakes)? Now that’s impressive. Coumshingaun was also a breeding site for both Golden and White Tailed Eagles before 1855. What’s more, the lake has been used by endurance swimmers to toughen up for cold water swimming?! Hats off!

The Coumshingaun Loop Walk

If it’s a bit of headspace you need, then a good 4-hour walk around Coumshingaun should just about refresh your mind. It’s a great way to take in the stunning views and appreciate the rugged, wild terrain. A real gem.

The Hermit of Lackendarra

Did you know that in years gone by, Jim Fitzgerald (1891-1959), a WWI veteran returned from the war and decided to live the rest of his life in a cave at the edge of Coumshingaun Lake? Jim had difficulty settling back into society after the war so he made the Comeraghs his home and became known as The Hermit of Lackendarra -pretty amazing guy! Watch the video below

Credit: Tom Fitzpatrick
Hermit Lackendara Eily Connell
Hermit of Lackendara, Jim Fitzgerald (1891-1959)
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