Conceived originally as a studio experiment, it wasn’t long before the band decided to take their results to the stage. Early gigs took place along side the likes of Jape, Robotnik and Oppenheimer. Due to the instant positive feedback it gave the band all the ammo and information they needed to complete the infectious debut. ‘TARANTISIM’ could be described as the meeting place between Depeche Mode, They Might Be Giants and Daft Punk. The proposed release of the debut album was unfortunately put on hiatus due to the tragic and untimely passing of a life long friend, the bands keyboard player Jay Barden.
Interest in the album has lead to the inclusion of ‘Here Come The Knives‘ as the theme tune to RTE series ‘Mariana’

‘Here Come The Knives‘ will be available for download 29th of January, preceding the release of the much awaited debut album. The band are currently back in rehearsals to bring ‘Tarantism’ back to live stage. The second so called difficult album is ten songs in, and hopefully shan’t be too far behind the release of the soon to be released debut TRANTISIM!!

Ashley Sheehan – vocals, guitar, keys
Dean Croke – guitar, bass, backing vocals
Brian Grace – bass, backing vocals
Dean Doyle – keys, backing vocals
Rob O’Connor – backing vocals, guitars, keys
Andrew R. Walsh – percussion

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